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  • MGMA Study finds INDEPENDENT Practices perform better than Hospital owned
MGMA Study finds INDEPENDENT Practices perform better than Hospital owned

MGMA Study finds INDEPENDENT Practices perform better than Hospital owned

The MGMA came out with a great study demonstrating that Hospital owned practices are losing money. INDEPENDENT Physician Practices are still struggling, but have shown they are having greater success than the hospital owned practices. It also begs the question, if the Hospitals are losing money on the Practice, they must be making it up somewhere else? Ultimately this consolidation only hurts the Patients, the Taxpayers and of course the Private Sector/Employers and Consumers of Commercial Payers will pay more in Premiums. The only entity winning in this consolidation is the Hospital and the investors in those Entities. Am I missing something?

2017 MGMA Data for Physician owned Clinics2017 MGMA Data for Hospital owned clinics


This is also why services, like ours, are in such need. We are in the Healthcare Delivery Business and allow Physicians to practice Medicine. We are that support and partner that focuses on the business side of the practice and we do it transparently and visibly to our clients and build trust through that transparency by delivering results, for the past 22 years. With the right partner, you can stay INDEPENDENT! You can keep overhead low, and even though reimbursements for an INDEPENDENT Practice may be lower than the Hospital owned Practice, if you stay lean and efficient you can actually do very well and keep the doors open to serve your current Patients and the growing future Patient pool that is expected to grow dramatically over the coming years.

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About the Author: Jeff Robertson, CMPE, FMC

Jeff Robertson, CMPE, FMC
A passion for Healthcare is the best way to describe Jeff Robertson. He has a unique, varied and extensive background in Healthcare that covers a wide array of experience encompassing 30 years. Jeff is board-certified by the MGMA as a Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) and Financial Management Certified (FMC) and a proud active MGMA member. Jeff is also an active member of the Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) and continues to keep his knowledge current and focused on future trends and initiatives and how they affect our clients and their Clinics. Jeff has been actively running the Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Management divisions since 1997. Jeff Robertson has spent over 27 years in Independent Physician Clinics with a special focus on Medical Billing/Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare IT, Clinical Workflow Analysis, and Medical Bookkeeping and Financials for Independent Medical Practices. His passion for teaching, consulting, and finding a better, more efficient way to build processes into a clinic has led to him being labeled the “Practice Fixer.” To date, he has installed, configured, trained, and consulted over 400 Independent Physician Clinics across the country and has learned valuable lessons from each of them to share with all future clients.