We Built the Best Billing Service to ensure you get paid for all the work you do.

A qualified team of exceptional billers who are committed to our clients and fight to get everything our clients deserve. The quality of our team, coupled with the technology, processes, transparency and commitment, ensure our clients are in the top 5% best performing clinics in the country.


Nexsys offers a full suite of credentialing services. We will provide credentialing services; including initial application and follow up processes for physician groups and solo providers. Services include CAQH Application, NPI Numbers, Medicare and Medicaid applications, ERA and EFT enrollment.


Nexsys Billing & Practice Management offers complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services including charge capture, electronic claims submissions, payment processing, corrected claim submissions and appeals, patient statements, accounts receivable follow up and patient pre-collection activity.

Our state of the art Processes, Protocols and Workflow combined with technology and ongoing education and training ensure our clients succeed and are the top performing practices in the country.

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Nexsys provides routine charge auditing to ensure that all codes submitted to payers for payment meet the highest industry standards. We use proprietary technologies to research codes, perform CCI Edits, to make sure that our clients receive the maximum reimbursement for services they provide to their patients. We proactively provide feedback on coding, documentation and compliance risks. Nexsys utilizes Certified Professional Coders (CPC) as certified through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).Our coding team is required to complete yearly continuing education requirements in order to maintain their certification through AAPC.


Nexsys provides monthly reports to our clients that include benchmarking reports to compare your clinic to the top performing clinics, as well as the median for your specialty. Our reports include A/R performance summaries and analysis, productivity and performance reports and other customized reports as requested. However, the best report we can give you is access to our Client Portal popularly known as Crescent which will give you a 10,000 ft. view of your practice which not only includes your Medical Billing Reports but pulls in your bookkeeping and will display key data points in the form of graphs and trends. Crescent can be viewed from any browser without having to pour through Billing Reports and Practice Financials.

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There is a “New” Payer in Healthcare. The Patients are now the largest payer in Healthcare for the Physician Office. Industry averages are 25% of income to a practice will come from your patients. Those balances can no longer be ignored. We strive to build relationships with our clients. Patients need medical attention while doctors need to keep accounts receivables low and patient accounts in good standing. This can be difficult to manage for many providers. Patients sometimes don’t know if monies are owed.

This is where we come in. We accommodate both providers and patients by bridging with a strong financial plan. Our strategy ensures doctors provide great healthcare while keeping patients financial accounts balanced through out the course of care. It’s easy for patients to forget or overlook outstanding medical bills.

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