We are proud and work very hard to achieve the Transparency and Visibility we can provide to our clients and future clients. So here are some of the most common questions and answers for those who wish to partner with our amazing team. 

1. Do you have agreements and if so, how long is the minimum term?

Our contract has a one-year term. However, the client can terminate for any reason at all or NO reason at all with 30 days' notice. We have clients that have been with us for 15 years and can leave with only 30 days' notice. If you do a great job, and you are transparent with your results, our clients won't leave us.

2. Do you work in our software system or do we have to work in your preferred system?

We have 100% transparency with the Practice Management (PM) software that we would share with you. We work in your database and software. If you don’t have software, we will help you to find one that fits your objectives and facilitate that. We work with over 13 different Billing Software systems, but we always work in software that we can share with you to ensure that visibility and transparency. This provides the foundation for the trust we build with our clients.

3. How long have you been in business?

We started our company in February of 1997 and have been helping Independent physicians for over 27 years now.

4. What if I don’t have an EMR and use paper charts with a SuperBill?

We have a few Independent Physicians who are still in paper and prefer a SuperBill. We can help them input their charges into the Billing software and bill out all of the claims and do all of our work in the Practice Management Software (Billing Software). It is always better and more efficient to have an integrated system with charges pushing from the EMR into the Billing Software, but we can handle the work if that is not your current configuration.

5. How do you bill us, flat fee, percentage?

At month end, we close out the month in the first 3-4 days of the next month for the previous month. We generate all of the reports from your system, and those reports help to inform and support the invoice we will send you. We bill our clients a percentage of the payments received for the month and carve out any private pay or cash paying visits that do not involve billing a payer.

6. What about all of the phone calls that come into our office about the Patient’s bill or invoice they just received? How do you handle those?

We take all of the phone calls from your patients and answer their questions politely and pull up their statements and billing history on our screens while we have them on the phone. Our staff is all located in our headquarters here in Los Angeles and is bilingual. They are an extension of your internal team and so we take care of them, and those staff members are important to us. All payments by your patients are made directly to you, the client. Nexsys never receives money from the payers or your patients. We use state-of-the-art tools and technology to facilitate this patient A/R source. We use AI and automation to help direct and target your patients where they are most comfortable and likely to pay. For some, that may mean paper, and for others, that may be a text or email. With our technology and processes, we are seeing major shifts in patients willingness to pay. As a reminder, all money resides with our clients, and all data resides with our clients. We don't have either of these two, and we prefer it this way.

7. How long does it take for your team to get started and begin helping us?

As soon as we get through the standard agreements, Non-Disclosures, BAA, and short Onboarding Questionnaire, we are ready to go. We work with our internal IT team to get connected to your system and assuming we have all of the clearinghouse logins, EMR, Billing software logins, and payer portal logins, we are usually ready to go.

8. I just ordered a Chicken and an Egg Sandwich. Which one will come out first?

That is a great question and invokes much deeper thoughts and introspection that are beyond the scope of this site. But feel free to reach out to me to discuss this one offline. Sometimes it's more interesting to discuss other more pressing questions that do not involve fighting the payers for the money you deserve and are owed.

9. What if our previous biller left the billing a mess and the revenues have dropped, the A/R has ballooned, and we want you to go back and help clean and recover the missing money?

Unfortunately, we never get the call or inquiry where an Independent Physician tells us their "billing is amazing and we are very happy and want to switch to you." That just never happens. We always inherit a bit of a billing mess. That is a constant. What varies is how much of a project there is. We will go back as long as the payers will allow us. For some payers that could be a year and for others, it could be 90 days. We are built to clean up your past billers' mistakes and neglect. It comes with the work we do. We are not intimidated at all by months or years of neglect by previous billers. In fact, we enjoy watching our clients get a "raise" once we take over. That is usually what happens.

10. You have built an amazing team with great technology to support their efforts. You have reduced Revenue Leakage to such a great degree in these practices. Your staff is happy and love their job, the clients are loyal and their billing is being taken care of better than it ever has before, and they don't have to worry about staffing up Billers, which are harder to find nowadays, if not impossible, are you not worried that Private Equity and Hospital Health Systems will take over the Independent Physicians and turn those Independent Practices into soulless, corporate machines that are driven by profit and feeding the mother ship (Hospital) and will extract the character and charm and Physician-Patient relationship from these Independent, often family run Practices?

That is a long and winding question that covers a lot of important issues, but the short answer is.......Yes. For the longer answer there is a blog post on the site about the difference in outcomes comparing Independent Physician owned clinics and Hospital Owned Clinics. Here is the link if you are interested. https://www.gonexsys.com/articles/mgma-study-finds-independent-practices-perform-better-than-hospital-owned