Dermatology billing is constantly evolving and needing to keep pace with our dermatology clients who are always adding new technology, procedures and services. To help maximize the potential of the practice, our team needs to stay up on all the latest billing changes and trends as well.

Our dermatology clients benefit from a broad spectrum of services designed to maximize the potential of the practice and ensure the coding is accurate, services are paid according to contract and the client receives what they are entitled to:

  • Timely claims submission within 48 hours of receipt
  • Experienced, Dedicated and Knowledgeable account representative who manage a team to serve your clinic.
  • Monthly detailed reports and web-based client Dashboard with a complete view of the practice.
  • Completely Transparent and Visible Billing Process
  • Aggressive and thorough payment collection and follow up

Nexsys has routinely helped our clients increase their practice revenue by as much as 10%-20% through more accurate coding and billing and rigorous payment collection.

Contact Nexsys Billing & Practice Management today at (800) 529-3962 ext. 203 to learn more about how we can increase your revenue and lower administrative and practice costs for your dermatology practice, or contact us online.