Medical billing and coding for Cardiology practices can be complex and come with their own set of challenges that are unique to this specialty.

Frequent changes to coding and billing regulations have led to substantial fee reductions in cardiology over the last several years.  While Medicare fees have increased by 1.1%, Medicare fees for Cardiology have declined by almost 2% year over year.   These changes  often lead to billing errors and reduced payment, especially if your billing is not on top of it. If your cardiology billing department is not fully aware of these ongoing changes and the necessary protocols and processes to ensure claims don’t fall through the cracks. You may see a significant negative impact on your practice’s bottom line and revenue leakage that may go undetected.

Cardiology billing is complex and requires a high level of experience and knowledge for appropriate coding, modifier application and general medical billing procedures. Billing specifics such as checking medical necessity verification, and getting Prior Authorizations, even at times when you feel you did not need one.

Nexsys has extensive experience in cardiology billing. We will work hand in hand with your practice to help identify problem areas such as the correct use of modifiers, and educate your practice on the best codes to use for each situation.  Our team of certified medical billing experts and medical coders will manage all aspects of your cardiology billing, to help ensure your practice receives proper compensation for services provided.   

Nexsys has routinely helped our clients increase their practice revenue by as much as 10%-20% through more accurate coding and billing and rigorous payment collection.

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