Pediatric billing and coding procedures can be more intricate and complicated than other specialties especially when you include state and Governmental programs. Mistakes by inexperienced or overwhelmed staff can result in delays in payment, or even denied claims, ultimately resulting in a loss of time and money for your practice.

Nexsys takes on the challenge of staying abreast of the changes in medical coding year after year, as well as the overall payment process. We do this so that our clients have confidence and peace of mind knowing that the financial needs of their practices are being met, without having to sacrifice time and resources that can ultimately distract from patient care.

Many pediatric patients, which include infants, children, and adolescents, receive Medicaid/Medi-Cal coverage, with filing and compliance procedures that vary from state to state. Coding requirements also tend to change on a yearly basis, adding an additional layer of complexity – and stress – for a busy practice.

We have spent the last 20 years working with our clients in order to provide services they need most and allow them to focus on patient care without sacrificing valuable practice resources to deal with insurance companies and payment collection. To learn more, call Nexsys today at 800-529-3962 x 203.

We have more than 20 years of experience focusing exclusively on medical billing and practice management, which allows us to offer our clients the most accurate and efficient suite of services available in the industry.

In addition to the varying coding requirements for different services for pediatric patients, certain codes are reimbursed at higher rates. Using a wrong or out of date code to bill for a service can result in lost revenue for your practice.


We understand that the needs and challenges of each practice are unique. We will design a service package based on the specific needs and goals of your practice.

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