Orthopedic medical billing can be extremely challenging for an internal staff to manage and navigate successfully, especially if they are not experts in its nuance and complexities. This is especially true for Independent Physicians. Multiple sources of Denied claims can overwhelm an internal staff or an under-resourced partner. This often leads to burnout and high turnover for internal teams and outsourced partners meeting the expectations of the Doctors.

The Nexsys Ortho/Spine team is the best in the business. We combine over 30 years of Ortho coding, process management and data analytics coupled with best of breed platforms to manage this process and do it transparently. We don’t just manage this process; we excel at it.

Some of the benefits of partnering with the Nexxsys Ortho/Spine team:                              

  • Lower denial rates due to emphasis on prevention.                                    
  • Increased reimbursement rate.      
  • Timely claim submissions and management of this process.  
  • Compliance optimization guided by our Orthopedic Certified Coders                    
  • A streamlined, efficient revenue cycle process with little to no leakage.
  • Transparent Financial KPI portal accessed by your clinic, built by Nexsys
  • Staffing challenges, turnover and burnout issues; solved.

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to changes and updates to medical billing codes and insurance industry regulations and requirements can be a daunting, full time job. The regular challenges of managing the billing cycle in house can drain precious resources from your Ortho practice and distract from care, and the overall patient experience. Mistakes and oversights in medical coding and on insurance claims can also be costly, and result in delayed or denied claims, and ultimately less revenue.

If you are considering Nexsys for your podiatry practice, get in touch with our team by calling 800-529-3962 ext. 203 or filling out our online contact form. 

At Nexsys, we have over 25 years of specializing solely on Revenue Cycle and Practice Management in order to provide our podiatry clients with the most efficient and profitable billing services available in the industry. We manage the full billing cycle and deliver peace of mind along with a significant increase in profits, optimal work flow and practice efficiency for our clients.